Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1-part 2-

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order. Part 1.PUTIN MAY HAVE SAVED THE WORLD FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER, more »

  • Rothschild IMF Bank of England NWO Banking seigniorage With Hitler @ King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - God wants me to succor and protect all religions of the world! as, the Messiah jew? I will correct the Torah! but, as the Mahdi? I will correct the Qur'an (with the help of your theologians): so you will not be forced to kill the Christians Martyrs, for to hide your inferiority cultural because it does not matter, if the Koran was dictated by Satan, or whoever for him, because they were angels of light: once! If I will not make these corrections? 1. Islam will be lost: for ever: and, 2. You see die, all your relatives! Why, the motto of the Illuminati is only one: "more is worse for everyone, the better is for us!" .. In fact, Satanists have no an real identity: outside of Satan himself: and how if you too are a beast of hell? However, you do not have any hope of being able to reach their level of Satanism! @King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - why, Berlusconi before he kissed the hand of Gaddafi, and after a month: has bombed him? because he like all politicians are merely puppets: of 666Rothschild: and 322Bush! Governments throughout the world? are all demons like you! Why, no one has dared to bark at the State crime of 11 September. Francesco Cossiga said that as "all governments know that, on 11 / 09: was done by: CIA and the Mossad: to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. But what kind of Satanist , you are also, for having sold your people at the banking seigniorage of Satanists American Jews? you have emptied the mines in your country in exchange for dollars, which have no value, you'll notice when you try to use them to wipe your ass @King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - you saw Berlusconi as: before, kissed the hand of Gaddafi, and after a month: has bombed him? Our politicians? they are cockroaches, not have never the sense of decency! as you're a demon?Because, you with Gaddafi: like all "muslims country"? You burnt the Bibles: and Kill the Christians .. but, then, Gaddafi has come to Italy to bring the suitcases full of books of the Koran to be distributed ... here's why: he quickly fell under the judgments of God! With this 3 rd WWnuclear against Islam? You pay for all crimes, that you have done against peaceful and innocent people, of all these, yours 1400 years of your criminal life! You remove the Sharia: immediately amen [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] we have too much evidence of your evil: the page of youtube would not be sufficient to list all your atrocities ... it's you: that: you are doing, the speculation on the blood of the poor Palestinians .. it's you: that: you have sent your theologians to commit perjury: in Assisi with Pope John Paul II when everyone swore and said: "Never again: to kill someone in the name of God." You are a vulgar liar, a servant fraudulent and malicious. Wrath of God is against you, because, you are damn, together with your damn prophet? you have corrupt! My holy Islam!. death? is not a Justice sufficient and appropriate against you! [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] the banker jew? He does not enter the conflict! Therefore, he tries: only: maximum destruction that is as possible .. now, because the destruction is enormous? the illusion of being able to win? must always be given: for both contenders. because someone can do in a war hope of investment, in the win. and if you believe, that not there will be a war against you? So, you really are a retard! because all the political alliances: they are fragile []] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] is obvious: "a religious man: it is too one-sided: for an political office," because: the demon of religion: that: is in him? makes him an intolerant person, that believes you have: the fullness of truth, etc. .. but if this were true? then one should also have: the humility and the love of God. while you're like a demon (who thinks he's an angel) against all those that are not compatible: with your blasphemy. From this point of view? You're the worst of the Satanists: because at least they have the honesty and intelligence to know to be bad: but thou that: you're a super-criminal and murderess? you believe yourself to be a saint. [[]]Muhammad is in the hell for many reasons: because the "man good": is the one who does good to all: ie, he who does the work of God in the way of God! Since: is the supreme abomination, apostasy and blasphemy, is to do of one religion: an ideology for conquest of the world .. you believe that, we are idiots? You do not grant us freedom of religion only because you want to conquer the world.
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